This is Mr. Su ---International Marketing manager from YS vertical turret
milling machine Taiwan

who can supply you high quality vertical turret milling machine.

YS vertical turret milling machine; the leader of the vertical turret
milling machine manufacture in Taiwan.

High Quality Vertical (Horizontal) Turret Milling Machine

YSM-26 series Vertical & Horizontal milling machine

Max. table load 300 kg

Milling head (Belt driven) 20 Steps

Longitudinal travel (M./A.) 1000/1000 mm

Horizontal spindle speed(gear driven) 50HZ:73-1288 rpm(9 Steps)

As long as you have any Milling Machine inquiry

Definitely we can fulfill your need

Brochure、Video for reference !

Y S (VAN) Machine Features as following

1. Dovetail & Square type with each machine model

Design/ Model








X axis

Y axis

Z axis

△Dovetail design 鳩尾

□Square design 方軌

2. Milling Head type as following

Milling Head

Spindle taper




15 series



16 series



18 / 860 /2 6 series

2 #


20A / 20B series

Transmission Mechanism

High Gear

Low Gear

1.8# (*ø105mm*)



2.0# (*ø110mm*)



3. 15/16/18/860/26 series Milling Head type as following

(A.) *The main casting part is made of meehanite casting, and the machine
body comes with square slot design. Excellent stability and rigidity.

(B.) *All our X / Y/ Z -axis slide treated with high-frequency heat
treatment after grinding, each sliding surface is attached glide
piece(TURCITE-B) to reduce the friction force of the contact surface.

(C.)* The spindle material is made by molybdenum steel (SCM21). Then we
will carburizing heat treatment and precision grinding, so the rigid tough
spindle can withstand heavy cutting.

(D.)* The accuracies check of specification is based on *ISO-10791

(E.)* The spindle motor NOT ONLY provides either 8, 10, 16, 20 steps (Most
other builders have 16 steps only) BUT also have variable speed; max speed
5560 RPM can meet different processing conditions then improve production

(F.) *Spindle speed (brake) is made by quick shift mechanism that had
applied for patents (No. 88215880) .The shift can be changed in one go,
convenient use. It can reduce the risk of mistakes and damaged also.

(G.)* The Thickness of our Machine table is more than 86mm (expect for 15
series model), Most of the other builders only use 78~82mm. (ex: 26 series
table thickness is 93mm)

(H*.) We use type B belt drive (expect for 15 series model), Most of the
other builders use type A. The B belt is stronger and more durable than the
type A belt.

(I.) *The Quill diameter of NT40 is 105 mm for 18/860/26 series model. The
most of the other builders is only 100 mm)

(J.) Most of the other builders use the same parts for NT40 as the NT30 or
R8 milling head. But it's almost different in our machine, we use different
parts for NT-40 and NT-30, the key parts particularly (ex : main casting
etc., ).

(K.)* *The Transverse Cutter Bar is one of the standard accessories for 26
series model. (a lot of firm is optional accessories)

4. 20A/B series Machine Features as following

(A.) One piece of spindle which made from SCM-21 alloy steel, carburized,
tempered and precision ground. The spindle runs with high precision
bearing,P4 class.

(B.) Fitted with forced lubrication system for gears, clutch, and bearings
inside the milling head to lower down the running noise and prolong service
life of head parts. With an oil level indicator to monitor the oil

(C.) The tilting angle is 45 degrees. Double screw locking device makes the
head tighten securely and release conveniently.

(D.) The main casting parts is made of meehanite casting, square design for
theY axis and Z axis. Excellentrigidity and stability.

(E.) Adapting over FC 30 and FCD 35casingsQuality, which are fully material
analyzed prior to casting. Tempering heat treated for maximum wear
resistance without deformation.

(F.) One piece casting of base, column and ram guideway gives superior
rigidity without deformation.

(G.) Precision chip wipers protect the X, Y, and Z axis ways for scratch
free traverse.

(H.) The X, Y axis slideways, dovetailed surfaces and gibs are coated with
Turcite-B, precision scraped for long term accuracy and maximum wear

(I.) Pre-loaded with *double nuts C5 class* precision ball screw is
installed on X & Y axes ensuring the transmission quality –small backlash &
fine positioning.

(J.) An installation space is left for a Y-axis automatic system, providing
convenient fitting at any time (Opt Accessories with 20A series model)

(L.) Our X/Y/Z travel is bigger then the other firms.

(M.) *Gear Ratio is 1:8.4 *(the others is 1:7.3)


Gear Ratio

Machine Column of Width


1 : 8.4

320 mm

The others

1 : 7.3

280 mm or 300 mm

Please Note :

I. Our sourced for the all of machine* parts* from *Taiwan *and the place
of o*rigin is also, expect *for* Frequency* that the brand is
Yasukawa from Japan*.

II. Our machine with high quality, * Machine Features *can
be better comparison of different with the others brand.

Sales Fields and Cooperation Model( OEM service; Welcom)

So far we are looking for agent around the world*,

We hope you are the right one we are looking for, not just being our agent
for our cooperation model

We can even provide OEM service for you; WELCOME

We hope you could arrange your business call to our company to see who we
are and what we can do for you in the near future; we may discuss our
cooperation in person

Should you need more information?

Please feel free to contact us

It will be our pleasure to reply you soon

Kindest Regards

Mr. Su-----International Marketing Consultant.


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