About us : We are Chinese garments supplier. I run a small factory with my friend and we also have a few partner factories to work

with. We can make most garments.

The products we are good at making are as below:

T-shirts/Polos, dress shirts, pants/trousers, hoodies / sweatshirts, uniforms, coats & Jackets(Outdoor), blazer, formal suits and some accessories,

such as neckties, scarves, hats/ beanies, etc. The good thing is We take small orders for some garments, say t shirts, polo shirts

and women’s apparel, We can help with MOQ 100 pcs per color.

When speaking of quality, We are more confident, I have a QC person specially taking charge of quality control, I send her to factories watching

the production to make sure all products are manufactured correctly upon your requirements. She stays there every day while production is

ongoing. She always sends us pictures from workshop to confirm the details with me to avoid any mistakes, Besides our factory manager is also

very experienced and skillful. We can do a good job, Trust us.

What you can get from us working with us ?

1, Respect - I listen to our customers, I respect your choices, I never make decisions for you. We always make the products as you requested. We

suggest if some changes are needed, but It’s always subject to your permission.

2, Quality products for reasonable price- It’s known quality is top important, no quality no continued orders. The last thing that we want to do is

Let you down. So We’ve been working hard with attention and details to avoid mistakes at work.

3 Fast turn-around- I used to work for NIKE company for 3 years after graduation in 2001, I learned what fast turn-around and quick delivery means

to selling.

4, Friendly cooperation- The purpose of communication is to solve issues, right ? I don’t like to argue with my customers, I know even I won

the argument, the same time, I hurt your feelings, I don’t think you like working with this kind of suppliers who are arguing with you often. As said

earlier, even I won the argument in the end, but I know actually I lost, I lost my customers , so I’d rather give others more understanding than arguing,

It doesn’t do any good to our cooperation, I know this pretty well, so I try my best to avoid it.

5, Responsible and reliable-I am a man, I want to be a responsible man, I won’t play games when quality issues crop up. The party who made mistakes

must be responsible for it, Do you agree with me ?

6, Good after sale service- We are responsible for quality issues, I think the real sale starts after sale. Even order was delivered to your warehouse, the sale

is not over yet. We won’t escape for quality issues if it were our things.

7, We not only produce the garments also can help source fabrics, solve the issues occurred in production, even develop new styles with you together.

8 Fast response- Most of the time, all your emails can be replied in hours. When production commences, We will give updates about production status

in a proactive way without being asked. You will understand this soon after a few times communication with me.

All above mentioned are what We are trying to do for you. Do you like working with this kind of supplier ? Now I have a question, needing your help. If you

Were a sales/marketing manager how you write a letter to your potential customers ? Where you think I didn’t do well and need further improvement ?

Can you do me a favor ? I’d like to leave this question to your WISDOM. You will give me honest advice, right ? Thank you in advance.

We are aiming to offer you our best service and build up a long term WIN-WIN business relationship.

I cannot wait

for customers to come to me, I have to take an active way to find them just in order to survive in the stiff competition and keep the business going, We

cannot stop doing that. Just tell us. If you are interested,

I know you hesitate when you are going to move to a new factory. it's no easy thing, so many uncertainties, especially before you know new suppliers quite well.

I understand this quite well. If you are now satisfied with your current suppliers, I sincerely hope you can keep the business relationship forever. ONLY WHEN

you are not happy with your current suppliers and you have to find a new better supplier or want to have one more as back up. I AM YOUR MAN !Please contact me.

In the end, I’d like to tell you that we are not a big company, We are not the best supplier either, but I think what really matters to you is who is the person you can trust,

Who can supply you quality products and good service, who can help you solve the issues on production, who will do you good in your business, etc , WE DO, We believe.

My name is Mr lee, our company name is Yulong apparel Co., Ltd.

Business email account This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Just ask if you have any questions or concerns. I always happy to reply in a fast manner.

FROM: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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