BW Chemicals is the leading manufacturer and exporter of different wax emulsions, based in mid country Pakistan. We manufacture different types of wax emulsions containing Paraffin, Polyethylene and Microcrystalline. The emulsion has different ionic moieties based on customer request.

Having a large production capacity we are pleased to serve different industries with top of the line solutions for their wax emulsion needs. We mainly serve Construction, Textile, Paper / Board and Leather industries. We have numerous clients in Middle East, South Asia and East Africa.

We believe in distinctive quality, competitive price, fast shipment and long-term business relationship based upon trust. Keeping in view the demands of Particle board Industry we have products based on Paraffin/Slack wax. Designed products are specifically formulated for application in the board Industry which is more efficient in Anti-blocking, Water & oil repellency and Reduction of internal capillary flow

We mainly serve Construction Industries, Textile, Paper / Board and Leather industries with our products:-

> 1- ?WE-42? Is a water based membrane forming wax emulsion. When applied on fresh concrete it forms a film which retains sufficient moisture in the concrete for complete hydration, attaining optimum strength.

> 2- ?WE-12-A? Is a water based wax emulsion for paper and board industries. It is dosed as per ones own reciepie for production of particle boards. It reduces internal capillary flow and facilitates mould release.

> 3- ?WE-15-A? In Leather the wax emulsion is used to reduce tackiness, mould release and reduces hardness in Leather.

We are looking forward to hear from you. I hold we will be the best choice you have ever made for your emulsion needs.


Zahid Mahmood

Sales & Marketing Department

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Skype: zahidbw

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