As a leading supplier for minilab machine, minilab accessories, necessities.

We can supply you:

1. Noritsu/Fuji/China made minilab
2. repair laser,aom,power supply,pcb etc.
3. minilab spare parts
4. photo frame
parts sell
  LDD27    USD1850
  GMC27     USD3500
  J390577    USD2000
  J390976 (or J391274)   USD940
  J390878 (or J391259)   USD920
  J390576/390632          USD4000
  Fuji 350 power supply    USD2000
  J390864           USD3500
  J390913-01      USD2700
  J30947-02          usd1500
  Z021439-01        USD950
  EPSON 13Y LCD          USD1100
  Fuji330/340 paper magazine   USD400
Digital carrier
  E-filming 147   USD1500
  Dugao 147       USD1400
  Prism 147       USD1400
  Jincheng147     USD1500
  Sunimage 147    USD1500
parts Repair
 LDD27     USD550
 GMC27    USD550
  CTL 23.    USD550
  CTL20      USD550
Below are the machines we can supply:
LPOS24 PRO printer    USD52000 AS IS
recondition minilab
QSS3001  ---USD6500 without scanner 
QSS3011  ---USD7500 
QSS3202   ---USD25500 
QSS3501 PLUS PRO --  USD19500
Fuji370  USD7000
New inkjet printer
3800  -- USD70000   
GREEN ----USD24000  
GREEN 2 ---USD43000

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