It is our pleasure to have contact with you Conventional lathe Taiwan are one of the most professional conventional lathe manufacture from Taiwan who focus on the small to medium size of conventional lathe;

Our Products is well known in Taiwan as well as in the world Now we are looking for global cooperation We hope we can create a win-win situation for both sides in the near future via our cooperation   The following is our brief product introduction just for your reference   A: Simple Product line Only 2 types of our machines:

1.      High Speed Precision Lathe

2.      Inverter Transmission Lathe


1.      High quality

2.      Short delivery

3.      Fast Parts supply

4.      Competitive price


B: Products Specifications

I: High Speed Precision Lathe

Swing over bed: 430~760 mm

Distance between centers: 560 mm~ 4300 mm

Spindle bore: A---58/ 80(op) mm; B---85 mm; X---85/120(op) mm

Bed width: A---300 mm; B---350 mm; X---400 mm


II: Transmission Inverter Lathe

Swing over bed: 430~520 mm

Distance between centers: 560 mm~ 2000 mm

Spindle bore: 58~80 mm

Bed width: 300 mm


C: Product Advantage:

1.      FAG or SKF precision bearing installed on spindle

2.      Maximum cutting depth: 8 mm( 50 mm diameter)

3.      Best Roundness: 3 micron( 200 mm long)

4.      Equipped with a plastic rear , shafts and gears inside head stock are well protected if crush occurred( A series)

5.      Universal gear box for both imperial and metric thread conversion table also attached

6.      Tracks of cross slide and bed are well lubricated with lubrication pump( manual)

7.      Overload device to ensure safety when operating

8.      Wear resistant phosphor bronze lead screw nut

9.      Durable reservoir oil bath type cross( s series)

10. Thermal treated MEEHANITE bed casting

11. One-piece base for high rigidity and low vibration

12. High capacity coolant tank offers sufficient coolant output

13. All series certified for CE



Of course, as long as you have any kind of lathe inquiries, we definitely can fulfill your needs.


We do believe our products can fit your niche market and create a prosperous vision for all of us

Should you need our service, please feel free to contact us


Sincerely Yours, We remain


Amy Chen


Sales Manager

Conventional lathe Taiwan




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