Bavoi Group Co., ltd-Glass clips factory If you are looking for the high quality glass hardware in lower prices, we are professional factory for all kinds of glass and shower hardware and we can supply you the professional advice and solution.

If you are the retailer or project contractor and you don't know how to import the products, we can supply you the shower hinges,glass clips and other glass accessories by courier. Then you won't worry about the customs and other shipment problem.

We can do more as your expecting.

1. We have stock for urgent order. We can get ready 200pcs glass hardware in 7 days.

2. You don't worry about the quality and you can get years guarantee from us.

3. We have supplied our products to many over 5 stars level hotel all over the world.

4. The finish of the products can pass salty spray test.

5. The material is solid copper brass.

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Contact: Danson <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

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