Our company is a maker of intelligent toys, with a concentration on research and production, modeling and mold design, as well as the creation of software and hardware. We are proud owners of a robust manufacturing capacity, and we export our products all over the world. Since 2010, we have been designing and fabricating radio-controlled (RC) airplanes, and we have gradually grown into a professional RC airplanes company that specializes in researching, developing, and manufacturing R/C planes, helicopters, and drones, as well as providing a customized products service that is satisfying.

Here is the brand new Aviator Pro, which includes a foldable design similar to the Mavic as well as powerful brushless motors. In addition to the frontal 6K camera, there is a second camera with a resolution of 1080P located on the belly of the aircraft to provide an immediate view of the ground below.

When its arms are folded in, the drone has dimensions of 17 by 11.5 by 6.7 centimeters and weighs close to 500 kg. The camera that comes with the Aviator Pro is mounted on a gimbal that has two axes and allows for remote adjustment of the angle. Real-time image transmission over 5G WIFI is supported by the camera. During the portion of the flight that takes place at night, a powerful LED auxiliary light will aid you.

If you are interested in purchasing one or two of our drones at the price of 288.50 each, please provide us with your address so that we can have the shipment ready for you.

According to the specifications that were advertised, the 3S/2850mAh battery enables a maximum flight time of up to 28 minutes. The wind resistance is rated at a level 7, complementing the great battery life.
In the event of a low flight battery voltage or a lost remote control signal (due to being outside of the range of the RC), the Aviator Pro is equipped with a failsafe feature called Auto-RTH that will cause it to return on its own to the point from which it took off (provided there is adequate GPS coverage).

Specifications and characteristics of the Aviator Pro
Mavic like foldable design;
Brushless motors with a long life expectancy;
Positioning on both satellites and GPS;
Resistance to wind at the level 7;
Return to Home Automatically in Case of Emergency (Low Battery Voltage or Loss of RC Signal);
Modes de vol intelligentes (Follow me, Orbit, and Waypoint);
Auxiliary light emitting diode at the bottom;
Dual-camera system with a frontal resolution of 6K and a rear resolution of 1080P;
gimbal with two axes and remote angle control (PTZ with a 90-degree range);
5Ghz WiFi real-time image transmission;
Flight range of up to 2 kilometers;
A flying time of approximately 28 minutes.

Our company is equipped with a number of automatic high-speed SMT production lines, in addition to 12 plug-in lines and 4 wave soldering machines. 4 of pulling and testing the assembly lines after welding, with a clean anti-static workshop that is 3,500 square meters in size. Currently, there are approximately 500 employees working in our facility, and there are 20 senior engineers on our research and development team. Because of the hard work of everyone on staff, our company has experienced quick growth, attained ISO9001, GSV certification, and ICTI certification, complies with all international standards, and has seen success in exporting its own patented products to a variety of countries.Roy Bryan
The Aviator Expert

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