Zen tambour paneling is constructed of bamboo strips that are precision milled and applied to a thin fabric backing with a non-toxic white glue. These panels come both as a raw surface and as a sanded surface. The raw surface comes in 3 colors, a natural green/yellow, a warm amber and a black tone.

The raw tambour retains the outside skin of the bamboo with its rough surface and raised nodes. The amber color is derived through a heat treatment process and the black from a dying process that simulates the natural dark color in some varieties of bamboo. The raw series is unfinished with the exception of the black which receives a thin coat of sealer to set the dye. Our sanded series comes in both an amber and a natural light tone with the option of unfinished or prefinished. All these strips are beveled on the edge and all our panels, raw or sanded, come in a 4 x 8 dimension. Tambour is a flexible material and can be applied to concave or convex surfaces as well as flat walls and ceilings, round or square columns. It installs easily and lends an exciting look to living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens or commercial environments.
Zen bamboo tambour panels are ideal for wall coverings, ceilings, wainscoting or decorating any surface, and more.
1) slat: 6.5mm,12mm,16.5mm,23mm
2) width: 90cm,120cm,150cm,180cm,200cm.More width as your design
3) length:10 or 15m (suggested)
4) backing: gauze or customized
5) Capacity: 50,000 m2 / month
6) Packaging: Knitting bundle packing

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