Laundry bal l is an ideal substitute of washing powder, with strong decontamination ability and no harmful for clothing. Laundry ball type A is round plastic ball,inner is packed with multifunctional washing balls.With solid gradual releasing washing granule and unique appearance design, it can increases PH of water and activates water molecule during the course of washing. On account of Activated water molecule is easy to filter into the inside of clothing fibre, it can makes combination between filth and fibre loose. Under the stirring of washing machine, filth will be separated from fibre more quickly and scatter in the water, so as to reach the effect of cleanout. It is an economical (in generally, it can be used for 100 times repeatedly), easy to use, envionmental friendly (not contain harmful chemical element, such as phosphor and boron, etc) and Hypo C allergenic.

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