MFX40/60 Pr ofile Trimming Machines


The machine is mainly used for profiling belt connecting with the wooden board, shaving board and middle density fiberboard. It can finish all kinds of hemicycle, duck-mouth shape, and some other heteromorphic shape. Because of this procedure, the side of the work piece becomes smooth and beautiful.
This machine can complete the process of fixing, pressing, and profiling. It can avoid the mistakes in hand processing. It also has the good qualities of high automation, high efficiency, high precise, beautiful appearance and stability of running, and working steady, so its the important tool for manufacture of furniture.
This machine is combined from chassis, profiling unit, fixing unit, pressing unit, supporting and dust collecting etc.

Technical Parameter

Max thickness of workpiece
40 mm

Max profiling length
60 mm

Compressed air pressure
0.7 Mpa

Power voltage
380 V

Motor power

Motor rotation no.
12000r/min 200HZ

Overall dimension

Net weight

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