System and operation
Heating system is made up by collector, bearing water tank, recirculating pipe line and control system. The circulation pump forces heat carrier to exchange heat between collector and reserve tank when temperature controller making the opening of circulating pump and hot up water temperature in reserve tank
Collector separates with storage tank, use wall-hanging or clerestory;
Module design, arbitrary combination, which can meet the demand of large water consumption;
Intelligent control and automatic operation;
Home style water tank design and indoor decoration seem to blend into each other;
Work at anytime and enjoyable.
Several taps supplying water at one time, meet the demands of using water together for the whole family.
supply hot water to meet the demands of using water together with upstairs and downstairs.
High volume:
Enough water and big stream make you enjoy more comfortable
Constant temperature:
Solve the problem of unstable water temperature, no limitation of hydraulic. If the city water can flow out, the hot water can be supplied normally. It is more economized for the use of light energy and electricity energy.
Intelligent Control can absorb more solar energy. When lack of solar energy, it will automatically change over electric heating on the demands and auto-stop when gaining proper temperature. You just buy one machine with two functions. The performance is more complete and convenient for installation and use than the conventional type. The direct plug solar water heater can be built to simple engineering module. super-thick insulation layer with high efficiency and energy saving.
The super-thick insulation layer, which is foamed by environmental freon-free polyurethane, can reduce the heat loss greatly, have the better insulation effect and save the energy effectively.


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