Rose sauce usage
- Rose ovary development of a limited liability company league
The products are all-natural green food that regular consumption of this product is Jiannao lungsWarning of blood and Qi's health. Chinese medicine for stomach, neurologic disease, arthritis, rheumatism and tuberculosis control.
Rose sauce is puddings, such as pasta serve as a better fillings. Since ancient times, people who were considered delicacies. Done : for example, cakes, lantern, pear Pingyin noodles and other ingredients. "Fire Rose sauce Bansi dumplings," she incomparable flavor, was the Qing imperial Ming Chi, and widely spread among the elite in garnishment.
Bulk supply : 8 / kg.
Meatball Pingyin pear production
Lei Ming Chi Pingyin meatball is a historical tradition. Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty origin years ago, 200 years ago. Pear ball Pingyin summer pear as the main raw material used to make supplies rose sauce, and red, walnut, sesame. sugar finely. Pure flavor, juicy and delicious food were much praise.
Pingyin pear ball championship in Jinan City, Shandong won the Best Innovation Award Qian Weichang, vice chairman of the CPPCC National Committee to Jinan study, a taste of the pear ball Pingyin, wrote the following inscription : "Rose pear ball. The first world, "the citation.
Pear ball Pingyin the system will be done : stripping the skin pears, first knife slice width 0 ? 2 cm thick films then cut into 0.3 cm around the filaments will cut into cold and cooked pear silk uniform mixing flour, will be better prepared leaf fat pig skin, tendons, stabbed to erase boards into grease, then orange cake, walnut kernel not hacked to pieces, placed in the Rose Sauce red, sesame seeds, sugar, sesame oil, etc. Mix stuffing resulted in the ball stuffing a diameter of 2 cm, meatball pear filling with silk wrap. 4-sung, a 5 cm diameter ball, made the ball rolling on the pear-layer dry mung bean starch. Heating with hot peanut oil to be place

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