Bamboo deck ing flooring
100\% bamboo material
Strand woven pressing
Color: Carbonized color
A Grade
Glue: E1 Standard
Usage: used in outdoor, natural and durable material as floor covering.
Finished: 6 coats of nontoxic acrylic polyurethane UV cured and the Aluminum Oxide finish,water-proof and fire-proof
With its distinct combination of durability and ecological sustainability, Bamboo Flooring exceeds the qualities of other hardwoods, such as oak or beech flooring.
Properties of Bamboo Flooring:
27 \% harder than oak
50 \% less shrinkage or expansion than oak
machined to high tolerances to insure perfect fitting
no electrostatic charging (0 V/cm)
for underfloor heating
warmer than wooden floors
no resins or tannic acids
restance against mould and insects
non allergic

Our Bamboo Products exceed most other natural materials such as oak or beech in its distinct combination of asthetic value, durability and ecological transparency.


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