The PVC mic ro foaming material in the last few years causes the domestic and foreign widespread attention one new material, is take the PVC resin as the primary data, through micro becomes spongy squeezes out one kind which the production line processing becomes to have the even pore structure new chemistry building materials. Its density, the workability, the outward appearance, the quality of material and the natural lumber are extremely close, therefore is called the synthetic lumber. This material in worm-preventing, the fire protection, moisture-proof, sound-insulated and so on the performance aspects surpasses the natural lumber obviously. This production line is suitable specially the processing interior decoration material, the windows and doors and the furniture timber wood, like each kind of wooden line (vertex angle line, waist line, skirtboard, gate sideline, masculine and feminine elements angle, lamp pond line, frame line and so on), protect the wall plate, hang the roof, the floor and the good material and sofa each kind of furniture.

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