Characteris tics:

1. Highly sensitivity.
2. Simple and convenient to use, no adjustment is required.
3. The detection distance will not be changed when the battery voltage drops from 9V to about 7V.
4. Low power consumption, can work for 40 hours continuously.
5. There is automatic and continues alarm when the battery is used up.
6. Switch on/off audio prompt function.
7. with external rechargeable socket.
8. has audio, Light and vibration handoff switch.
Technical Specifications:
1. Dimension: (L) 415*(W) 85*(H) 45mm
2. Power: 9v battery
3. Weight: 409g
4. It has alarm and audio/light-auto switch functions
6. Packing: 25 pieces per carton
7. Detection distance
(1) Pin: 30-60mm

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