Features: 1) Designed especially for airport road and railway check
2) Digital product
3) Double liquid crystal display
4) Excellent functions
1) Tunnel size (W x H): 1,500 x 1500mm
2) Conveyor max. load: 400 kg
3) Conveyor speed: 0. 20m/s
4) Resolution: 0: 1mm metal wire
5) Penetration: 30mm steel
6) Film safety: guaranteed up to high speed film ISO1600
7) X-ray leakage: less than 1Sv/h (at a distance of 5 cm from external housing)
8) X-ray generator:
a) Anode voltage: 140kV
b) Cooling / duty cycle: oil cooling/100\%
9) Image system:
a) X-ray sensor: L-shaped photodiodes array
b) Image presentation: B/W, pseudo color and multi-energy
c) Image pro

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