KLM300 ther mostat is an electronic thermostat easy to operate, especially for heating system, which uses the relay to control an electric thermal heating valve. When temperature goes 2C lower than the set-point, electric thermal heating valve will be opened with LED indicating its working status and when room temperature reaches set-point, electric thermal heating valve will be closed with LED in red, and the thermostat will be kept on. When the knob is turned OFF, the thermostat will be turned off with LED OFF as well.
Thermal Heating Valve Applied
Room Temperature Setting
LED Indicator with Color Changeable
Flush Mounting
Elegant shape with high reliability
Safe and Energy Efficient
Technical Parameters
Power Supply: AC220V +/-10\% 50Hz
Dimension: 86*6*33 (mm)
Fixing-Hole Span: 60 mm (standard)
Set-point Range: 5-30C
Load: 3A (1A)

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