utmost pleasure that we seek to use this medium to buttress our business
through this trade journal. Firstly, may we proceed by introducing our company
We are leaders in the importation and distribution of goods and services.
We are licensed purchasing agent of in the area of relief products/materials,
we are Marketers of wide range of products, acting as trade representatives / agent
of companies and corporate bodies that are interested to explore the ever growing
African market , as we act as the focal point to local importers and foreign
exporters, dissemination of trade orientational Information's for mutual progress
of all parties, we organise product launch-on and street person - to- person advertisement
of the products making it a household name/brand.
For the four years of our operations we have become Pace Setters to organisations that
started decades ahead of us.We are reaching out to you manufacturers / suppliers
that have African market in focus to contact us for wider outreach and result.
Afrocil Consultant & Marketing Group, deals extensively on:
SURGUREX: Security equipments, alarm systems, anti-burglary gadgets etc.
ELECTRO WARE: Electrical appliances, lighting products, electronics,
TV,radio, electrical Equipments etc. COMMUNICATION: Computers, gsm phones, analogue phones,
software,computer Peripherals etc FOODS : Beverages, canned foods, relief foods, fruits,
agro foods, wine, etc AUTOMOBILE: Truck, cars motorcycles, heavy construction equipment,
excavators, dozers Trailer etc LEATHER WARES: Bags, shoes, belts etc
HOUSEWARE: Utensils, porcelain wares, cooking wares, decoration items
CONSTRUCTION: Architecture, road construction, bridges, propert mortgage / leasing etc
PHARMACEUTICAL: Hospital equipment, surgical product/syringes,
pharma drugs etc
TEXTILES: Garments, yawn, textiles machi
Mr Samuel okuwa

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