Yes, we can provide you for most companies the job titles and names of the top management.

The "top management" consists of the published names of the CEO and if available also the board of directors.

Unfortunately we have not for every company in our database the top management available. So if you order the "top1000 with name of CEO" you should specify if you need

A) the top500 companies with CEOs or

B) the top500 CEO with their companies

The difference should be explained by an example:

For Germany we have for about 70% of all addresses the CEO available. So if you order

A) the top500 companies, you will get 500 addresses of companies and 350 (70% of 500) names of teh CEO

B) the top500 CEOs you will get from the top 714 (70% of 714 is 500) 500 addresses with 500 CEOs

The figures above are only examples. You should ask for an offer and the amount of names of CEOs which we can deliver.

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