This is Chrisitina from Hongxin Chemical Co Ltd which is a high technique corporation specialized in optical brightner. Our main products cover OB-1,OB, KCB series. After several years of rapid expansion, we have created close relationship with many colleges,unversities and research institutes. These have prepared well ground for the development of our company and imported new energy for new product development to meet the market's demand.

Here is Optical brightener OB-1 specification for your reference.

Chemical name: 2,2-(4,4'-Vinyl Bipheny1) Dual Benzoxazole

CAS No:1533-45-5

Performance Index:

Molecular Formula:C28H18N2O2
Molecular Weight: 414.4
Granularity:?300 mesh
Appearance:Kelly crystalline powder
Melting Point:353~359°C
Absorption spectrum maximum:374nm
Fluorescence-emission wavelength maximum:434nm

Application: Optical brightener OB-1 is a highly eficient optical brightener used for lanon and widely applied to ABS,PS.HIPS,PA,PC,EVA and hard PVC etc. Its features include admirable whitening effect, excellent thermal stablility and very fewer usage amounts.

Usage Amount: The dosage of optical brightener OB-1 should be added to per 100KG of polymer.(just for reference)
Transparent: dosage 0.0025~0.005%(2.5g~5g)
General dosage:0.0025~0.025%(2.5g~25g) no more than 0.03%(30g) When you append any ultraviolet absorbents, take care of adjusting the optimum dosage of your optical brightener.

Usage: Because the little addition of optical brightener, you should separate the brightener drastically, ensure it will be homogeneous distributed in the whole polymer. If you use the concentrated grain, it can be easier to achieve the sufficient dispersion effect.

Attention: When the optical brightener was applied to PE and soft PVC, you should take care of the dosage control. The overfull dosage may cause brightener transport phenomenon.

Serurity Management: This product can be managed as the general industrial chemicals.
When you used the product, you should wear gloves and protective goggles to avould its direct contact your skin and eyes. If it stained to your skin, just wash it with soup and clean water.

Package:20(25) kg/cardboard bucket(lined with double layer plastic bag)
        5kg/carton(lined with double layer plastic bag)
        1kg/carton(lined with double layer plstic bag)

It's widely used to make plastics,fibers,coating, and detergents appear whiter and brighter. If you have demand for optical brightener OB-1, welcome to contact us.

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