This is Nelly who from Suzhou Labelong Packaging Machinery, we are professional manufacture of kinds of filling/bottling machine, water treatment, blowing machine,packing machine.
We can supply turn-key plant to you, welcome to visit our factory at any time.

I would like to quote our machine to you if you will answer my below questions?
1. What's bottle your volume?
2. Is it PET bottle or glass bottle?
3. The capacity do you need per hour to confirm filling machine model.
4. Do you need a whole plant, like water treatment, blowing machine, packing machine etc?
After get your answer,I will send our full quotation sheet to you !
Your promote reply is highly appreciated!
Nelly (Sales Manager)
We are constantly pursuit perfect quality, excelent service for you !!!
Suzhou Labelong Packaging Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Address: Shuangqiao Industry Zone,Leyu Town,Zhangjiagang, Suzhou City, China
WeChat: nelly8021

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