We supply garments and some accessories.  The products we are most experienced with are as follows: 
Shirts, pants/trousers, t-shirts, hoodies, sportswear, uniforms, down jackets, complicated outdoor jackets(hard shell 
& soft shell),hunting clothes, safety wear, blazer, Sweaters/Cardigans and some accessories, such as necktie, scarves, hats/

beanies and caps, etc. We also supply cotton fabric, especially yarns dyed fabric for shirts.
How we control the quality:
We have a great QC team completely in charge of quality control. We send them to factories watching the production to make sure 
all products are manufactured correctly upon our customers' requirements. They stay there every day when production is ongoing.
We got highest comments on quality from our American customers, We made a lot of t shirts, polo shirts for them for policemen and
firemen. We also made a lot of university scarves for a big group in Ireland. We've been working with them over 4 years. We experienced
all kinds of issues over the past years, but we are still working together and a long term business relationship has been established.
I know it's annoying for someone who is not interested to receive this email, I feel sorry for this, Please tell me directly, I  will remove from
the mailing list and won't bother you anymore, Don't be angry with a person you never know, It's not worth it, Life is short,  I am nothing
in your life, yes?  If you are interested but maybe you are very busy now and don't have time to reply. kindly tell us when will be the most convenient
time for me to contact. 
We don't want to bother you and others, We are not spammer either, We just want to keep our business going so we have to keep looking for 
more new customers so we can survive in the stiff competition, that's the reason why you can receive my emails. I feel sorry, Please forgive an
honest supplier. Now we are trying to find right business partner and establish a long term win-win business relationship. We don’t compete on
price. We aim to supply you quality products so if you are looking for cheaper stuff, I don’t think we are your right supplier.
We also don't want to break the friendly business relationship you have established with your current suppliers. I know it's no easy thing to move
to a new supplier before you know new suppliers quite well. If you are happy with them for now, I sincerely hope you can continue the business
cooperation forever. Only when you are not happy with your current suppliers or you need more suppliers. You can contact us, I'd like to give you
some honest suggestions & advices and tell you what we can do for you here. Probably, We really can help you, who knows ?
My name is Mr Lee, the owner of a trading company in Shanghai China,

FROM: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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