We are a leading battery manufacture in China who is specialized in coin battery and some special design battery.

we supply primary and rechargeable coin battery.

What's more, we can design battery pack based on your exact requirements because we have a very experienced engineer team in battery field for 30 years.

You can choose any models you need from models below:

CR1025 CR1130 CR1216 CR1220 CR1225 CR1616 CR1620 CR1625 CR2016 CR2025 CR2032 CR2320 CR2430 CR2450 CR2477 coin type primary battery.

Models above are widely used for watches, shoes, lamps, computer motherboards, electronic thermometers, electronic toys, movement, small electronic gifts, Bluetooth wireless products, multi-function wireless remote control, electronic key card radio, digital products, IC card and so on.

LIR2025 LIR2032 LIR2450 LIR2477 LIR3048 coin type rechargeable battery

Models above are widely used for Card of Active RFID, smart parking, container identification, inspection of vehicle fees, personnel identify in mine, smart devices, medical equipment, smoke alarms, audio and video equipment: digital cameras, flash cameras, security devices: burglar alarms, smoke alarms, information equipment, computer motherboards, memory card reader, remote control, power tools and electric toys, miniature instruments, medical equipment, small appliances, etc.

The other models for LIR and CR series batteries are also provided once you require.

Are you doing business about toys, shoes, or some other consumer electronics, I think we can become good partners. Happy to receive your reply.

If any need or question please contact us without hesitation, or visit our website: www.yksh-tech.com. .

Looking forward to your early letter.

Mr. Lory
Skype: LoryYKSHtech
Tel: (86 755) 26490029
QQ : 475395383

Contact: lory <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>

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