Chronological listing of product descriptions

You see here a chronological listing of product descriptions which reached us in the last time. We sorted them by the European NACE code and put them into the according product groups, too.

We are not affiliated with any of these companies.


We are listing operating companies which are registered at the national commercial register and have an annual sales of at least one million Euro. We have no information about the daughter companies.

Under these definition, we don't deliver addresses of holdings or groups, but we will deliver the national daughter companies of these multinational companies.

Consequently, if the national daughter  of a multinational company is only a sales office or has not enough sales to reach teh top500, we will not list it.

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If you got the link to the download location via mail: It can be that your mail program is wrapping the line with the link. Please be  sure to copy the complete link from "http" to ".xls" (without the quotes) into  the address line of your browser.

Yes, you can order this. The price is then paid per address plus a handling fee.

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The profile including logo is absolutely free for you.
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We are checking  3% of our database every week. The check is done

  • automaically using the homepage of the company and other internet resources
  • by sending a form to the company where we asked for changes in their data
So we have no deadline but the average is 7 to 8 months old. So the maximum age can be considered as 15 months.


Gaosi Trading Co.,Ltd,emailand MSN:

The VAT (Value Added Tax) is put on top of every sales and must be transferred by us to the local tax authorities.

Yes, we can provide you for most companies the job titles and names of the top management.

In the standard lists every address consists of

When you are at the Hoempage (click left on "Home") you will see on the left side a login form.

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Our database has nearly all large European companies which have at löeast an annual sales of one million Euro. We have categorized them all by the NACE code. So if the country is large enough to provide the requested amount of companies in this industry, then

YES, we can!

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The text above is an entry in our free market. Everybody can publish here their products.

Just register and start to broadcast your products. is not responsible for the content.

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