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Geoplin d.o.o. Ljubljana

Geoplin d.o.o. Ljubljana belongs to the largest Slovenian enterprises in Slovenia (Slovenia). The central office of Geoplin d.o.o. Ljubljana you can find in Ljubljana in Slovenia (Slovenia).

Name:Geoplin d.o.o. Ljubljana (Map below)
Street:O Cesta Ljubljanske Brigade 11
City:1000 Ljubljana
Country:Slovenia (Slovenia)
Phone:+386 1 5820600
Fax:+386 1 5820601
    Managers:Director: Mozina Janez, mag.
    C: Manufacturer
    11.0: Manufacture of beverages
    61.0: Telecommunications
    Annual sales:Between 200 and 300 M Euro
     ( is not affiliated with Geoplin d.o.o. Ljubljana).