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Unisys Kft

Unisys Kft is among the important Hungarian companies in Hungary (Hungary). The head office of Unisys Kft you can find in Budapest in Hungary (Hungary).

Name:Unisys Kft (Map below)
(provided by the company)
Unisys is a global information technology company that solves complex IT challenges at the intersection of modern and mission critical.
Street:Kiralyhago Ter. 8-9
City:1126 Budapest
Country:Hungary (Hungary)
Phone:+36 12121055
Fax:+36 12121041
    CEO:Peter Altabef (CEO)
    C: Manufacturer
    26.2: Manufacture of computers and other information processing equipment
    72.0: Research and development
    80.1: Private security activities
    Annual sales:Between 1,000 and 2,000 M Euro
    Number of employees:Between 10,000 and 20,000
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