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Latvijas Unibanka

Latvijas Unibanka belongs to the important firms in Latvia (Latvija). The central office of Latvijas Unibanka you can find in Riga in Latvia (Latvija).

Name:Latvijas Unibanka (Map below)
Street:Pils Iela 23
City:1050 Riga
Country:Latvia (Latvija)
Phone:+39 721-5535
Fax:+39 782-0332
    G: wholesale and distributors
    K: Technical and financial services
    64.19: Kreditbanken einschließlich Zweigstellen ausländischer Banken
    65.0: Insurance and pension funding, except compulsory social security
    66.1: Activities auxiliary to financial intermediation, except insurance and pension funding
    66.12: Security broking and fund management
    Assets:Between 3,000 and 4,000 M Euro
    Number of employees:Between 1,000 and 2,000
     ( is not affiliated with Latvijas Unibanka).