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Glaverbel Athus NV

Glaverbel Athus NV belongs to the important Belgian firms in Belgium (Belgium). The central office of Glaverbel Athus NV you can find in Athus in Belgium (Belgium).

Name:Glaverbel Athus NV (Map below)
Street:ZI du Pôle Eur. de Dev
City:6791 Athus
Country:Belgium (Belgium)
Phone:+32 63 382111
Fax:+32 63 371918
    Managers:Bureau Commercial : Patrick FAGNERAY
    Logistique : Valère ZUCCARINI
    D: construction
    41.0: Construction
    Annual sales:Between 70 and 80 M Euro
    Number of employees:Between 100 and 200
     ( is not affiliated with Glaverbel Athus NV).