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Alcatel ETCA S.A

Alcatel ETCA S.A was one of the important firms in Belgium (Belgium). The central office of Alcatel ETCA S.A you could find in Mont-sur-Marchienne in Belgium (Belgium).
This record is archived and is no longer updated.

Name:Alcatel ETCA S.A (Map below)
Street:Rue Chapelle Beaussart 101
City:6032 Mont-sur-Marchienne
Country:Belgium (Belgium)
Phone:+32 71 44 22 11
Fax:+32 71 44 22 00
    Managers:Manager : Mr Hannon René (Administrateur Délégué)
    Annual sales:Between 60 and 70 M Euro
    Number of employees:Between 500 and 600
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