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Rejmes Bil AB, Tage

Rejmes Bil AB, Tage is among the important firms in Sweden (Sweden). The central office of Rejmes Bil AB, Tage you can find in Norrkoeping (Norrköping) in Sweden (Sweden).

Name:Rejmes Bil AB, Tage (Map below)
Street:Lindövägen 60
City:602 28 Norrköping
Zip: - POB number: Box 407 SE-601 05 Norrköping
Country:Sweden (Sweden)
Phone:+46 (0)11-219000
Managers:Chairman of the board: Rudolf Knopf
MD: Gunnar Sanderup
G: wholesale and distributors
45.0: Sale, maintenance and repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles/ retail sale of automotive fuel
45.2: Non-specialized maintenance and repair of motor vehicles
Annual sales:Between 300 and 400 M Euro
Number of employees:Between 700 and 800
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