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Wielkopolski Bank Kredytowy S.A.

Wielkopolski Bank Kredytowy S.A. is one of the important firms in Poland (Poland). The head office of Wielkopolski Bank Kredytowy S.A. is in Poznan in Poland (Poland).

Name:Wielkopolski Bank Kredytowy S.A. (Map below)
Street:PLAC Wolnosci 16
City:60-967 Poznan
Country:Poland (Poland)
Phone:+48 71 370-1000
Fax:+48 618564011
Managers:Chairman: Marian Gorski
64.19: Kreditbanken einschließlich Zweigstellen ausländischer Banken
64.2: Investment trust activities
Assets:Between 400 and 500 M Euro
Number of employees:Between 4,000 and 5,000
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