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Finn-Power Group

Finn-Power Group is one of the important companies in Finland (Suomi). The head office of Finn-Power Group you can find in Kauhava in Finland (Suomi).

Name:Finn-Power Group (Map below)
Street:Pl. 38
City:62201 Kauhava
Country:Finland (Suomi)
Phone:+358 64282111
Fax:+358 64282244
00.11: Manufacturer
16.0: Manufacture of wood and of products of wood and cork, except furniture/ manufacture of articles of straw and plaiting mater
24.0: Manufacture of basic metals
28.91: Manufacture of machinery for metallurgy
Annual sales:Between 100 and 200 M Euro
Number of employees:Between 1,000 and 2,000
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