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Groupe Someag OPI

Groupe Someag OPI is among the largest French firms in France (France). The main office of Groupe Someag OPI is located in Aubagne in France (France).

Name:Groupe Someag OPI (Map below)
Street:520 Avenue De Jouques, Zi Les Paluds
City:13400 Aubagne
Country:France (France)
Phone:+33 442 82 03 04
Fax:+33 442 02 75 58
    C: Manufacturer
    23.1: Manufacture of glass and glass products
    23.32: Ziegelei
    23.5: Manufacture of cement, lime and plaster
    23.6: Manufacture of articles of concrete, plaster and cement
    33.2: Manufacture of office machinery and computers
    64.2: Investment trust activities
    Annual sales:Between 50 and 60 M Euro
    Number of employees:Between 50 and 60
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