Normally, we rank all companies by their annual turnover (sales). But banks and insurances usually don't have a significant sales. Their economical power can be best seen by their assets (banks) or annual premium income (insurances).

So we created a new ranking factor "power" which is calculated for each company before the ranking.

  • For banks, we divide the total assets by 20. The result is the "power" of the company.
  • For insurances, we divide the total annual premium income by 4. The result is the "power" of the company.
  • For all other companies, we take the annual turnover as teh power of this company.

This "power" is used for all ranking purposes.

  • The ranking in our address lists, where we sell the top50, to500 or even the top5000 of countries or
  • in our published rankings with an extract of the offered address lists.

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