Our prices do not include the VAT.

If your company is located outside of the European Union (EU) the VAT (if applicable in your country) have to be paid by you to your local tax authorities.

European (EU) customers which provide us their VAT-Id (issued by the local tax authority) will get the lists free of VAT.

The VAT-Id can be validated at

For all others we have to add the German VAT (19%).

No, we don't deliver e-mail addresses of persons. Our address lists will have the general e-mail address of the company.

Big companies have special technologies to fight against unsolicited
E-Mails, like
- not publishing internal E-Mail addresses
- the need for your manual confirmation
- the need for filling a form.

The best way to reach the wanted person in the company is a printed
The second (much cheaper way) is an E-Mail to the standard company mail
(mostly info@...)
and to give routing information (like "for the purchasing department") at
beginning of the mail.

A compromise is to use the forms provided by most companies.
We deliver either the main E-Mail address or the URL of the contact form
and only, if the company has published them in the internet.