Arranque is a spanish word which means starter, few examples are:

1. Starter which is translated in Spanish as Motor de arranque

2. Regulator which is also pronouced and spelled the same as regulador in Spanish
3. Starter Armature which refers to Spanish's Inducido del motor de arranque
Starter Bushing Buje del motor de arranque
Starter Bracket Soporte del motor de arranque
Starter Cable Cable del motor de arranque
Starter Contact Set Conjunto de contactos del motor de arranque.
Other examples of Spanish words with aranque as part of the word are:

Starter Pinion - Pinipn del motor de arranque
Starter Rotor - Rotor del motor de arranque
Starter Screening Plat - Placa de escudo del motor de arranque
Starter Solenoid - Solenoide del motor de arranque

See also:
"Arranque" is in the HS Code "8458"
Tornos Que Trabajen Por Arranque De Metal

Ref: 122093/2006-09-19

List of books: Arranque

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