Metal jacketed gasket Aiflon Metal Jacketed gasket(MJG)is made from graphite,ceramic,non-asbestos etc.filler covered with thin metal jacket,such as stainless teel,carbon steel,copper etc., special used in sealing spots of heat exchanger,pressure vessel etc. this gaskets highly resistance against blow-out ,suitable for high assembly stress 6200DJ Double Jacketed plain gasket 6200DC Double Jacketed corrugated gasket 6200H DJG for Heat Exchanger 6200S DJG with special shape Filler material Jacket meterial Temperature???äoFONT>?? Pressure??Mpa??

Graphite, Asbestos
Ceramic??PTFE Carbon steel 300 ?ܼ/SPAN>6.4
Copper 400 ?ܼ/SPAN>6.4
3.4??316 530 ?ܼ/SPAN>6.4

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Double jacket flat gasket

Double jacket corrugated gasket
Metal jacketed gasket with special shape

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