Cutlery is characterized as cutting implements including those for cutting by a sharp point, which are manipulable by hand so as to be movable in their entirety relative to the work during the cutting operation as distinguished from moving the work relative to the cutter. Such implements may be power operated which is built into the structure of the cutting implement.

Cutlery includes some special machines which are not hand manipulable, as above defined, namely, special machines and fixed cutters in which the work moves relative to the machine or cutter, since these structures are too closely related to the hand cutters to separate

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"Cutlery" is in the NAICS Code "3322"
(Cutlery and Handtool ManufacturingCutlery and Handtool Manufacturing)

"Cutlery" is in the HS Code "8214"
Other Articles Of Cutlery (For Example, Hair Clippers, Butches Or Kitchen Cleavers, Choppers And Min

"Cutlery" is in the UNSPSC Code "42211906"
Cutlery or utensil holders for the physically challenged

Ref: 123421/2006-10-10

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