Deutsch: Mosaik / Español: Mosaico / Português: Mosaico / Français: Mosaïque

In the industrial/industry context, "mosaic" generally refers to a decorative art form that involves assembling small pieces of material, such as glass, stone, or tile, into a larger pattern or image. Mosaic is used in a variety of applications, including architecture, interior design, and public art.

Here are some examples:

Some similar things to mosaic in the industrial/industry context may include:

  • Tiling: Similar to mosaic, tiling involves the application of small, flat pieces of material onto a surface to create a pattern or image. However, tiles are often larger and less intricate than mosaic pieces.
  • Murals: Large, painted or tiled images or scenes that cover a significant portion of a wall or ceiling.
  • Inlay: A decorative technique where materials are inlaid into a base material to create patterns or images. Inlay is often used in furniture and flooring.
  • Stained glass: Glass that has been colored or painted to create a pattern or image. Stained glass is often used in windows or other decorative applications.

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