Deutsch: Eiche / Español: Quercus / Português: Carvalho / Français: Chéne / Italiano: Quercus
An oak is a tree or shrub in the genus Quercus, having approximately 600 extant species. The common name "Oak" may also appear in the names of species in related genera, notably Lithocarpus.

In an industrial or industry context, oak typically refers to the hardwood from the oak tree (Quercus species), which is widely used in various manufacturing processes.

Examples of industrial use of oak include:

  1. Furniture manufacturing: Oak wood is used to make furniture such as chairs, tables, and cabinets due to its strength and durability.
  2. Flooring: Oak is a popular choice for flooring due to its resistance to wear and tear.
  3. Barrel making: Oak barrels are used in the aging of wine, spirits, and beer, as the wood imparts specific flavors and aromas to the contents.
  4. Construction: Oak is used in construction for beams, joists, and other structural components due to its strength and stability.
  5. Firewood: Oak is a popular choice for firewood as it burns hot and provides a long-lasting fire.
  6. Decorative items: Oak is also used in the manufacture of decorative items such as picture frames, carving, and other decorative objects.