Roofing mortar - A mortar round is a projectile which is fired with a very high trajectory and drops almost vertically onto its target before exploding.

It has a fuse which is usually detonated on impact, sometimes with a time delay. If it lands on the ground it provides blast pressure and shoots off shrapnel all round to a lethal radius of about 40 metres. If it lands on a soft building, the effect can be worse: the roofing material is splintered and adds to the shrapnel, and the enclosure in the building can make the effect more lethal; or the structure itself can collapse, killing the occupants. A Mortar Roof has a steel skin at a standoff, which detonates the round. The shrapnel still shoots on downwards, and this is stopped by a concrete skin underneath. Under the concrete skin is a metal anti spall skin, which largely contains any pulverised concrete fragments from shooting downwards. The assembly is carried on steel frames, which will not be destroyed by the blast pressure. Underneath this Mortar Roof is the normal soft-skinned building, which will probably stop any remaining fragments as well as provide the climatic enclosure.

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