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Job Titles and business functions are mostly abbreviated. Here you find a list about the meaning of all these short cuts used in European companies.

Job titles (Short cuts, full name, meaning)
This overview describes the Job Titles used in Europe for Functions within the top management of the largest companies in Europe. The base of this list is the top500 database with over 100,000 names of persons and job titles in the top management of the biggest companies in Europe. If there is any error in this list, or if you want to add a shortcut please write to us. The description of the job should give you an idea about the work and responsibilty of the person. But we never compared it with the real personal job description. SO you should not rely on the description. And under no circumstances we can make responsible for any bad result in using these information.

Job titles (Short cuts, full name, meaning)

CEOChief Executive Officer Used in: Whole Europe
CFA Used in: The Netherlands
CFOChief Financial Officer Used in: United Kingdom
CIOChief Information Officer Used in: Germany
COO Used in: Luxembourg
CS Used in: United Kingdom
CTO Used in: Germany
DRH Used in: France
EDPElectronic Data Processing Used in: Belgium
EDVElektronische Datenverarbeitung Used in: Germany, Austria, Switzerland
EVP Used in: Spain
EVP Used in: Germany
GD Used in: Germany
GFGeschäftsführer Used in: Germany
CEO of a GmbH
Gf.Geschäftsführer Used in: Germany
CEO of a GmbH
GMGeneral Manager Used in: The Netherlands
HRHuman Resources Used in: Germany
IRInvester Relations Used in: Switzerland
JCE Used in: United Kingdom
MM Used in: The Netherlands
OPS Used in: United Kingdom
RP Used in: France
stvstellvertretend Used in: Germany
VDVice Director Used in: Belgium
VDVice Director Used in: Sweden
VPVice President Used in: Switzerland

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