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Words in annual reports, which you do not find at Altavista or other dictionaries.

Shortcuts used in annual reports
This overview describes the shortcuts used in Europe for technical terms used in annual reports and business oriented websites. The base of this list is the top500 database with over 100,000 of the biggest companies in Europe. If there is any error in this list, or if you want to add a shortcut please write to us.

Shortcuts to understand the meaning of annual reports

BOM Board of Management Used in: Whole Europe
CHROChief Humar Resource Officer Used in: Whole Europe
CUSIPCommittee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures Used in: Whole Europe
Standard & Poor identifier for stocks and bonds.
HRHuman Resources Used in: Whole Europe
HRMOHuman Resource Management Officer Used in: Whole Europe
ISINInternational Securities Identification Number Used in: Whole Europe
This is a twelve character code developed by the International Standards Organization (ISO) that represents a security.
RICReuter Identification Code Used in: Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Used on the Reuters Terminal as a security identifier.
SEDOLStock Exchange Daily Official List Used in: United Kingdom
British securities identification code.
SICStandard Industrial Code Used in: United Kingdom
Tells what line of business a firm is in. See also NACE
SicovamSociété Interprofessional Pour La Compensation des Valeurs Mobiliers Used in: France
Wertpapier KennnummerNumber for traded securities Used in: Germany
Six digits. Different ranges of numbers represent different classes of securities.

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