Antispasmodic refers to drugs used to treat stomach, bladder or intestinal cramps.

- 87214/2006-09-16

In the medical or pharmaceutical industry context, "antispasmodic" refers to a type of medication used to relieve or prevent muscle spasms, cramps, and other types of muscle contractions. Antispasmodics work by relaxing the muscles and reducing tension in the body.

Examples of antispasmodics in an industrial context include:

  • Pharmaceutical companies researching, developing, and producing antispasmodic drugs.
  • Medical institutions conducting clinical trials of antispasmodics for various conditions.
  • Wholesale and retail pharmaceutical distributors selling antispasmodics to hospitals, clinics, and retail pharmacies.
  • Medical equipment manufacturers producing devices and instruments used in the administration of antispasmodics.
  • Health insurance companies covering the cost of antispasmodic medications for their members.


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