Breaker is defined as a device usually found in the home, on a pole or in a substation. It is designed to open automatically when a fault occurs. It can be operated manually or automatically.

Other definition:

In meteorology, a breaker is a sea surface wave that has become too steep to be stable and that breaks on the shore or in the open ocean.
Breakers can be classified into four categories:

1) A spilling breaker breaks gradually over a considerable distance;

2) plunging breakers tend to curl over and break with a crash;

3) surging breakers peak up, but then instead of spilling or plunging, they surge up on the beach face;

4) collapsing breakers break in the middle or near the bottom of the wave rather than at the top.

Other definition:

Breaker: A wave that has become so steep that the crest of the wave topples forward, moving faster than the main body of the wave.

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