A Cafeteria is a self-service restaurant or lunchroom in which people go to a counter to choose what they want to eat and then carry it to a table. Moreover, it is a dining area, as at a school or office building, where meals may be purchased or brought from home and eaten.

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"Cafeteria" is in the UNSPSC Code "30221003"

"Cafeteria" is in the NAICS Code "722310"
Food Service Contractors
... may vary from type of facility operated (e.g., Cafeteria, restaurant, fast-food eating place), reven ...

Ref: 84567/2006-08-20

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Tavola calda (Tavola calda is the Italian term for "cafeteria", ...)
café (Café is a coffee-house, pub, bar, cafeteria, ...)
Cafe (Cafe is a French term for coffee)

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