The Compact disc (CD) is described as a thin, round, reflective disc that stores digital data in the form of microscopic pits and lands and that can be read by a laser.

CD changer is described as a type of compact disc player that holds more than one disc internally and that can swap discs to play various discs without the need for the user to physically swap discs or add discs.

CD-R: (Compact disc recordable) refers to a form of compact disc consumers can record on using special CD burners or CD recorders. This CD can can be recorded on only once and then becomes a Read-Only disc and is commonly used for music playback and data where high comparability is required.. 

CD-RW: (Compact disc Re-writable) makes reference to a form of compact disc consumers can record on using special CD burners or CD recorders. It can be written to several times and is commonly used for archiving data.

CD-ROM: Compact disc read only memory; CD that cannot be written to or recorded making it useful only for data retrieval.

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