Lager means beers made from bottom-fermenting yeast and aged at near-freezing temperatures.

Lager was developed by German brewers who discovered that aging beer in natural caves after the initial fermentation produced a cleaner beer and made their brews less susceptible to contamination. Below are kinds of lager:

1. Pilsner - a very dry, pale lager. Lots of hop aromas.

2. Oktoberfest/Maerzen - the overall impression should be malt but not in the nutty, bready way of a British Brown; after all this is still a German lager. With only enough hops to balance, the malty character is dominant in the aroma and flavor without being overwhelming. The body should be light brown with a white head.

3. Bock - usually a dark, strong, sweeter brew - gets its name from "Bock," derived from the town of Einbeck in Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen), known for its hops beer. Bock is traditionally brewed in the fall and aged through the winter for consumption in the spring. Doppelbock is a stronger variety of bock

4. Dunkel - is a German word for dark, also spelled Dunkle or Dunkles.

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