Adorning is a term which means decorating with ornaments. An example would be the adorning motifs in murals or on monastery walls in Tibet, such as:

(1) kalacakra seal which is an 'adorning motif ' in murals or on monastery walls that symbolizes the highest initiations into occult knowledge which can only be possessed by a few high lamas;

(2) Wheel of life is another 'adorning motif' in murals or on monastery walls. The demon of impermanence holds a wheel which is segmented into six sections, which means all realms of existence; and

(3) sun and moon that are usually seen on village houses and top of stupas, an 'adorning motif' that symbolizes the source of light and union of opposites.

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Adorningis means to lend beauty to or to enhance or decorate with or as if with ornaments:

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