The acronym AFV may refer to the following:

  • Alternative fuel vehicle, a vehicle that uses non-traditional fuels (such as petrol and diesel), or does not rely entirely on them
  • Armored (or Armoured) Fighting Vehicle, a vehicle used for a variety of military purposes that may be lightly to heavily armored, and may have attached or mounted weapons
  • Ansdell and Fairhaven railway station, a railway station in England with a National Rail station code of AFV
  • Alianza Fidelidad por Veracruz (Spanish for Fidelity Alliance for Veracruz), an electoral coalition in the Mexican state of Veracruz
  • an internal on-air acronym for the early American reality TV series, America's Funniest (Home) Videos
  • Artistic Freedom Voucher, an proposed alternative to the copyright system

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